The Thigh Bone’s Connected to the…Hip Bone….

Jason Kirmse and Cyrick (Cy) Hia met while managing properties in the Fillmore neighborhood of San Francisco.  They bonded over their mutual passion for all things culinary and dared each other to make the leap and become 

In 2010 they opened a cozy joint in the Fillmore neighborhood, Fat Angel, next door to where MICHAEL MINA general manager and operations director for Mina Group, Ryan Cole resided.  Ryan became a regular at Fat Angel after work and Jason, Cy and Ryan all took a liking to one another.  They wondered out loud if the magic of Fat Angel could be recreated a second time – only this time with an expanded menu and service in another quintessential San Francisco neighborhood, Russian Hill.

This is where Jason Halverson and Tai Ricci come in.  Halverson, as he’s affectionately referred to, was the chef de cuisine at MICHAEL MINA and Tai, server extraordinaire from SPQR and formerly MICHAEL MINA, (and don’t take our word as to how good she is – SF Eater named her one of the best servers in San Francisco 2012!) both jumped at the opportunity to become part of something special that Jason, Cy and Ryan were dreaming up.

So that’s how this new ‘dream team’ connects to one another.  Jason (Partner)…Cy (Partner)…Ryan (Partner, Acting General Manager)….Halverson (Executive Chef)….Tai (FOH operations).

Any questions?
the team