Thirst Quenchers

Sour Patch



If you’re looking for straightup drinkability and want something tastier than those insipid, watery lawnmower beers you used to drink then here you go.
Natural yeast strains combined with old world beer making technique create suds that are equivalent to a wines terroir. Lighter in color, a little funky, very bold, and always unique.

A style of beer that is a must try for anyone looking for a mind bending experience. Food
friendly, thought provoking, and, well, it tastes like smoke. Love it or hate it, you’ll never forget
your first smokey.
All the rage and rightly so, the beer for wine lovers to be sure, hitting all the right notes of acidity: tart, sour, and everything in between, there’s never a bad choice…just be ready for different.
…is a good thing. Of course if you like your beer to smell like corn and taste like water, steer clear of everything in this section. For those who like their beer to bite back—some harder than others—then read on.
One of the integral corners to the beer flavor triangle, along with yeast and hops, malt is the Chris Farley of beer ingredients: fat, sweet, and a touch out of control.
Approach just like a naked man crawling over a barbed wire fence, these beers will teach you a
lesson real quick. Meant to be sipped and savored, they are served in an oversized brandy glass for
your swirling pleasure.
Blonde  De Dolle ‘Boskeun’ 10% | 12
Esen, Belgium (330ml)

Barleywine Evil Twin ‘Freudian Slip’ 10.3% | 10
Copenhagen, Denmark (355ml)

Quadrupel  Dieu du Ciel! ‘Rigor Mortis’ 10.5% | 11
Quebec, Canada (341ml)

Quadrupel  t' Gaverhopke ‘Extra’ 12% | 13
Stasegem, Belgium (330ml)

Imperial Stout De Molen ‘SSS Triple’ 9.99% | 14
Bodegraven, Netherlands (330ml)

Imperial Stout w/Coffee Praire Ales ‘Bomb!’ 13% | 15
Krebs, Oklahoma (355ml)

Imperial Stout w/Chili Birrificio del Ducato ‘Verdi’ 8.2% | 17
Parma, Italy (330ml)

Strong Ale Lost Abbey ‘Deliverance’ 12.5% | 24
San Marcos, CA (375ml)
Brown Ale Against the Grain ‘The Brown Note’ 5% | 22
Louisville, Kentucky (650ml)

Amber Ale w/Coffee Local Option ‘Morning Wood’ 7.3% | 16
Chicago, Illinois (500ml)

Altbier Uerige Obergärige ‘Doppelsticke’
8.5% | 13
Düsseldorf, Germany (330ml)

Dark Brown Ale  Bastogne ‘La Truffette Junifer’ 7.8% | 20
Sibret, Belgium (750ml)

Rye Ale w/Peppercorns Dieu du Ciel! ‘Route des Epices’ 5.3% | 10

Quebec, Canada (341ml)

Schwartzbier Einbecker 49% | 7
Einbeck, Germany (330ml)

Black Ale  Stillwater Artisanal ‘Brontide’ 5% | 6
Baltimore, Maryland (330ml)
IPA Yoho Brewing ‘Aooni’ 7% | 10
Nagano-ken Kitasaga-gun, Japan (350ml)

IPA Dochter van de Korenaar ‘Belle-Fleur’ 6% | 19
Baarle-Hertog, Belgium  (660ml)

Hoppy Ale  De la Senne ‘Taras Boulba’   4.5% | 11
Brusseles, Belgium (330ml)

Golden Ale Duvel ‘Tripel Hop’ 9.5%  | 10
Puurs, Belgium (330ml)

IPA Dust Bowl ‘Hops of Wrath’   6.6% | 7
Turlock, CA (350ml)

IPA 8 Wired ‘Hopwired’   7.3% | 18

Marlborough, New Zealand (500m)

IPA Epic ‘Armageddon’   6.6% | 19

Auckland, New Zealand (500ml)

IPA St Florian’s ‘Flashover’ 7.3% | 12
Sonoma, CA (650ml)

Wild Ale  The Wild Beer Co. ‘Evolver’ 5.8% | 13
Westcombe, England  (330ml)

DIPA  Dogfish Head ‘Burton Baton’  10%| 9
Milton, DE  (355ml)

DIPA  Knee Deep Brewing Co. ‘Hoptologist’ 9% | 15
Auburn, CA  (650ml)

Imperial IPA Sierra Nevada ‘Hoptimum’  10.4% | 7
Chino, CA (355ml)

Imperial IPA Omnipollo ‘Fatamorgona’  8% | 24
Stockholm, Sweden (650ml)

Lambic w/Raspberry Oud Beersel ‘Framboise' 5% | 16
Berseel, Belgium (375ml)

Oude Gueuze Tilquin à l’Ancienne  6.4% | 20
Rebecq-Rognon, Belgium (375ml)

Berliner Weisse Dr. F. Briem ‘1809’  5% | 13
Friesing, Germany (500ml)

Belgian Ale  Mikkeller ‘It's Alive!’  8% | 22
Copenhagen, Denmark (375ml)

Wild Ale De Proef  Reinaert  9% | 11
Lochristi, Belgium (330ml)

Gose  Anderson Valley ‘The Kimmie, The Yink, & The Holy Gose’  4.2% | 6
Boonville, CA (355ml)

Sour Ale Prairie Artisan Ale ‘Funky Gold Mosaic’ 6.5% | 21
Krebs, Oaklahoma (500ml)

Sour Ale HaandBryggeriet ‘Sur Megge’ 8% | 19

Drammen, Norway (500ml)

Saison w/Sage Tahoe Brewing ‘Savoureuse’ 6.2% | 16
Truckee, CA (355ml)

Wild Ale w/Cherries  Lost Abbey ‘Red Poppy’ 5% | 24
San Marcos, CA (375ml)

Sour Ale  Bockor ‘Vanderghinste’ 5.5% | 12
Bellegem, Belgium (330ml)
Pilsner  Mikkeller ‘RauchPils’  46% | 11
Copenhagen, Denmark (330ml)

Urbock  Aecht ‘Schlenkerla Rauchbier’  6.5% | 14
Bamberg, Germany (500ml)

Rauchbier Goller  4.9% | 11
Zeil am Main, Germany (500ml)

Imperial Rye Porter  The Bruery ‘Smoking Wood’  14% | 32
Orange County, CA (750ml)
Belgian Pale Ale  Anders ‘Triporteur From Heaven’ 6.2% | 10
Halen, Belgium (330ml)

Farmhouse Ale Hof Ten Dormaal ‘Dark’ 7.5% | 15
Tildonk, Belgium (375ml)

Saison Brouwerij West ‘Saison Extra’ 6.5% | 13
San Jose, CA (500ml)

Saison Evil Twin ‘Ryan & the Beaster Bunny’ 7% | 8
Copenhagen, Denmark (355ml)

Hoppy Saison Glazen Toren ‘d’Erpe-Mere’  6.9% | 25
Erpe-Mere, Belgium (750ml)

Saison w/Sage Westbrook ‘Big Tasty's Back Door’  6.5% | 19
Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina (650ml)

Wild Ale Almanac ‘Sourdough Rye’ 6.5% | 16
San Francisco, CA (375ml)

Tripel Het Anker ‘Goulden Carolus’ 9% | 11
Mechelen, Belgium (330ml)

Tripel Midnight Sun ‘Panty Peeler’ 8.5% | 18
Anchorage, Alaska (650ml)

Tripel Pretty Things ‘Fluffy White Rabbits’ 8.5% | 18
Westport, MA (650ml)

Pilsner  Mahr’s Brau 5% | 12
Bamberg, Germany (500 ml)

Pale Lager  Moritz 5.4% | 6
Barcelona, Spain (330ml)

Hefeweizen  Weihenstephane 5.4% | 9
Freising, Germany (500ml)





Apple Cider  Dme Bordatto ‘Txalaparta’  6.5% | 28
Jaxu, France  2010 (750ml)

Apple Txopinondo ‘Sagarnoa’  6.5% | 23
Pays-Basque, France   (750ml)

Apple Cider  Tieton Cider Works ‘Wild Washington’  7% | 14
Yakima Valley, Washington (500ml)

Pear Cider  AEppelTreow ‘Perry’  7.5% | 30
Burlington, Wisconsin (750ml)

No longer the embarrassing brother to beer, these are grown up versions of the much
maligned fermented fruit juice. Most are dry and ALL are exquisite representations of the
cider or peary styles.

smoke without fire